Gift Set | Care Package

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Be Calmer, Kinder, and Get More Out of Life
Rewire your brain by practicing mindfulness to become calmer, kinder, and more accepting of yourself. Each mental wellness care package is packed with journaling, smell good, feel good, taste good, inspirational, motivational items and so much more. The more you practice, the more tolerant you become of uncertainty and the more accepting and kind you become to yourself.
  • items curated intentionally for mindfulness
  • items ethically and responsibly made
  • sensory rich items
  • relax and unwind
  • enjoy life more
This product is for a one time gift. If you would like to continue giving or getting a box of mindfulness promoting joy delivered to your door every month let me know by sending me a little note to I can make that happen for you or your special someone. Also let me know what to write on the included card.