About Trina Kay

My artwork is an outward expression of my inner experience communing with our living natural world. I hope to capture the peaceful joy I feel while observing and reflecting on the awesome beauty and wonder of God’s lovely creation. The transparency and fluidity of watercolor paint lends itself well to expressing the mysterious and calming lure of nature. I love the wild, uncontrollable element of working with watercolors.

 I love life around Lake Texoma. The lake is relaxing, exciting, and inspiring. Life here just never gets old. Each stunning sunset is completely different than the one before, and at the same time equally majestic. 

Lake lovers share the same feelings of immeasurable peace, serene calm, intense happiness and awesome wonder that being near their favorite water invokes. The entrails of hectic city life just fade away into peace and tranquility while you are on or beside "your water". My favorite body of water is Lake Texoma. If you've ever been here you know why. The bigness of it all puts things in perfect perspective for me.

The items you find here are somehow inspired by life at the lake. My passion is making vibrant and attractive designs that are driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity inspired by my beautiful natural surroundings.

Enjoy the selection of available watercolor art. You are always welcome here. To show my appreciation, you will receive 10% off your first order, enter promo code FIRST at checkout.

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Trina Kay
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